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Make the connection: the first oral-systemic health day at the University of Manitoba

Tony Iacopino  

On February the 7th, 2014, the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Manitoba will hold a Continuing Professional Development day on making the connection between oral and systemic health. Dr. John O’Keefe interviewed Dr. Tony Iacopino, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, who provided more information on the CE day. 







This continuing professional development day highlights several years of work toward developing an innovative new curriculum entitled “Oral-Systemic Health Education for Non-Dental Healthcare Providers” which is geared towards making them aware of the importance of oral health and the importance of working with the dental team to maximize health outcomes for patients.

Intended for an interprofessional audience, there will be a wide range of healthcare and social services providers including physicians, dentists and dental hygienists, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, social workers, occupational therapists, and dietitians, among others.

Two main topics will be discussed during the first half of the day (childhood caries and oral cancer) in addition to a hands-on session to train non-dental providers how to perform an oral cancer screening on adults and caries screening on children. The second half of the day will utilize case-based discussions to provide health professionals with experience in conferring with one another, discussing important aspects of the case from their disciplines, and developing a common care plan in the best interest of the patient.

Listen to the audio interview

You can find more information about the CE day by visiting the Oral-Systemic Health Day website.

To register for the CE day, please contact Tanya Walsh at 204-272-3143.

Oral-Systemic Health Day poster (PDF)

Oral-Systemic Health Day brochure (PDF)


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