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What is the effect of several bleaching agents on teeth stained with a resin-based sealer?


This summary is based on the article published in the International Endodontic Journal: Effect of several bleaching agents on teeth stained with a resin-based sealer (January 2014)


  • Remnants of root filling materials and sealers in root filled teeth have been shown to cause tooth discoloration.
  • Various bleaching agents are available to reverse tooth discoloration, including hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate.
  • Several investigations have assessed the discoloration potential of sealers and their effects on the teeth. However, there appears to be no documented research on efficacy of different bleaching agents for reversing discoloration caused by endodontic sealers.

Purpose of the Study

The study was designed to evaluate the effects of bleaching agents on the colour of teeth stained by a single type of endodontic sealer, using quantitative computer analysis of digital images. The null hypothesis was that these agents would have no effect on tooth colour.

Key Messages

For bleaching AH26 sealer-stained teeth, carbamide peroxide gel and carbamide peroxide gel mixed with sodium perborate were equally effective and significantly better than sodium perborate mixed with water.


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  1. Terry Shaw January 6, 2014

    The easy way to bleach teeth is to use Ultradent’s Opalesessence Endo. It is a gel and very easy to place using a syringe tip that comes with the kit. Always place a glass ionomer over the gutta percha to prevent the bleach from getting into the apex. Takes a few days to work but will whiten quickly. Much easier than mixing perborate and superoxal and trying to place a runny mess you get when you mix the above.


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