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View From The Chairside

View from the Chairside: How can I decrease the risk of injury from dental needles in my clinic?

By Dr. Louise Desnoyers

Louise Desnoyers

Dr. Louise Desnoyers graduated from the University of Montreal in 1991. She currently practices on the James Bay Cree reserve in Quebec. She holds an extensive 35-year teaching experience in public college and at McGill University and was part of the DSF humanitarian mission to Guatemala and Honduras in 2004, 2005, and 2009.

Keep the sharp objects container as close to you as possible in the operative room. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is a reduced risk of injury with fewer individuals handling the container and shorter traveled distances to dispose of it.   Safe sharp box
As much as possible, limit the number of persons handling or touching the syringe. Be the only operator to recap the syringe.    
Maintain the clear plastic cap screwed onto the needle before it is mounted on the syringe. By keeping the cap on the syringe once reloaded, you will not lose the needle and your assistant will dispose of it in a safer manner.   Fig 6
Use a needle capper or protector: several models, those reusable after sterilisation and/or disposable, are available. Here is what I use:    Fig 7
One-hand devices to uncap and recap the syringe are also available from your local dental distributor.    



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    Par Dr. Louise Desnoyers
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