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View From The Chairside

View from the Chairside: The Art of Treatment Planning and Case Presentation

By Dr. Mark Venditti


Dr. Venditti graduated from the College of Dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan in 2005. He currently practices general dentistry and lives in Kingston, Ontario with his wife and 2 boys. He is a continuing education coordinator for the Kingston and District Dental Society. Dr. Venditti is a JCDA Clinical Practice Advisor.


I have been in general practice for 8 years. During that time, I have learned that in order to keep dentistry fun for me, it is important to regularly take interesting and informative continuing education courses.

In February, I went to Scottsdale, Arizona, for a 2-day seminar with Drs. Frank Spear, Greggory Kinzer, and Imtiaz Manji on “The Art of Treatment Planning and Case Presentation”. The course was excellent and these are some of the reasons why I would recommend this course: 

  • The number of interesting and clinically relevant concepts discussed.
  • All discussed concepts were supported by current and reputable dental research.
  • All concepts were thoroughly discussed in the manual with a variety of figures and pictures.
  • The presenters’ willingness to discuss their successes, their failures, and what they learned from both.
  • The state of the art facility where the course was held.
  • The climate, especially compared to Kingston in February this year.
  • Proximity to a variety of great hotels and restaurants. La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant by Richard Sandoval was particularly good.


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  1. Arnie Mirza August 30, 2013

    Dr. Spear education center in Scottsdale Arizona has an excellent quality seminars and work-shops which they really help to refine your clinical skills and incease your confidence to treatment plan any dental prblem and even the complex cases. I am highly involved there and I mentor some of the work shops.

    1. Mark Venditti September 4, 2013

      Hi Arnie,

      That’s great. I will be going back inFebruary for the facially generated treatment planning workshop. Should be a good one.


  2. Dr. Dan Goldstein September 3, 2013

    I don’t think it is appropriate for endorsements to be published. There are many fine courses available. What makes one opinion more valid than another. The owners of these facilities can use conventional advertising to increase awareness. It is common for advertising to include quotes from participants, which bolster credibility for the course.


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