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Pediatric Dentistry

How do I manage traumatic pulp exposure of primary tooth in very young children?


This Urgent Care Scenario is presented by the JCDA Oasis Team in Collaboration with Dr. Sahza Hatibovic. It is also available on Oasis Help


  • Upper incisors missing mesial or distal corner of the tooth with pulp exposure.
  • Oral trauma is an unpredictable, painful, and stressful event for the child and family. Behaviour management is crucial: a calm soothing approach by the dental team can minimize stress for the entire family.
  • A child with oral trauma seeing a dentist for the very first time may be uncooperative and may need to see a pediatric dentist.

PE Presentation

PE Investigation

PE Diagnosis

PE Treatment 1

PE Treatment 2.

PE Treatment 3


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  1. Dr. Sahza Hatibovic is amazing! Thank you for the current refresher on traumatic pulp exposure in the very young.


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