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Oral Medicine

How do I manage a patient with angular cheilitis?


This Urgent care Scenario is presented by the JCDA Oasis Team in collaboration with Drs. Eric Stoopler, Christine Nadeau, and Thomas P. Sollecito. It is also available through the Oasis Help system

Dr. Eric Stoopler is Associate Professor of Oral Medicine and Director of the Postdoctoral Oral Medicine Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

Dr. Thomas Sollecito is Professor and Chair of the Faculty of Oral medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Christine Nadeau is a dental medicine post-graduate student in Oral Biology at the University of Pennsylvania

Fig 1_Angular Cheilitis

Inflammation of the angles of the mouth, characterized by fissures, scaling, erythema, and crusting.
Cause is usually multifactorial, due to a primary infection and/or to noninfectious causes, such as mechanical irritation, nutritional deficiency, or other dermatologic condition.






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  1. VR September 4, 2013

    Could you tell us what type and dosage of systemic anti-fungals would be appropriate?



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