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Drive the JCDA OASIS agenda forward


(Please send us your “burning” clinical questions) 

In the response box at the end of this message, please submit the most critical questions relating to your everyday practice. Or, call our toll-free line at 1-855-71-OASIS and submit your questions. Our goal is to have JCDA Expert Panellists answer your questions as quickly as possible and share them through JCDA.

We welcome a broad range of questions about diagnosis and treatment, in relation to techniques, materials, instruments, devices or therapeutic agents. We encourage you to send us your questions as they arise. Here are a couple of questions of my own by way of example.

A sample “burning” question

All responses come directly to me and my JCDA staff colleagues and your anonymity beyond our staff team is assured.

Many thanks for moving JCDA OASIS forward to serve you better.

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