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A great way to showcase excellent clinical content


I believe that this blog site can offer JCDA expert panels, Canadian dental schools, specialty organizations, educational academies, and study clubs an exciting new way to showcase excellent clinical content and invite discussion that can help develop this content further.

Dr . Richard Price of Dalhousie University is a JCDA editorial consultant and a renowned dental researcher who takes a great interest in researching and teaching about dental curing lights. He has created a 27-minute YouTube video about light curing that should be of interest to most in the dental community.

Through blog posts like this, I believe we can answer clinical questions, develop new content and share existing content in a manner that we can making exciting and accessible to Canadian dentists and their teams.




  1. Susan K. Chow August 29, 2012

    I like the content and the clear voice. The information is not all new but it gives a different angle of looking at and measuring things. Overall, this is useful knowledge.

  2. sami kandalaft September 26, 2012

    very informative video, it is an eye opener to one aspect of our restorative which we take for granted and to which we should be paying more attention.


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