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Red carpet for specialities at new JCDA blogs site


As a follow-up to earlier communications, this message is to announce the creation of our new JCDA blogs site: www.jcdablogs.ca.  With this new facility, which will be highlighted on the JCDA.ca site, we initially invite each national dental specialty association to communicate with Canadian dentists and others in a new way.

Our hope is to facilitate each of the national speciality associations to communicate about new clinical developments that have an impact on the services offered by Canadian specialists, and about clinically-related issues that are important to specialists and which GPs should be aware of.

The style will be less formal than that of scientific articles, and the blog of each participating organization will be strongly branded as coming from that organization. These blogs will feature prominently in the new JCDA mobile app that we are almost ready to launch. My personal commitment to you is to help you get comfortable with this mode of communication, and to this end, I have been learning the ropes of blogging myself through posting content on my own private site at www.johnandlucie.com.

Over the past 3 weeks or so, I have set this site up from scratch and I have learned a lot about the mechanics of blogging. I will be delighted to act as one neophyte helping others get up to speed and have fun while getting out good and important messaging. I know I will also learn a lot from this exercise.

Our Director of Communication recently sent me an article about how to maintain a good blog. I thought this would be of interest to you as you consider embarking on this new venture in collaboration with JCDA.

I look forward to working with each national specialty association when you are ready, and at your own pace. I am delighted to announce that the CAP is the first association to indicate a willingness to run a blog through JCDA blogs.

These are exciting times in the world of clinical communications.

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  1. Gini Dietrich August 14, 2012

    It makes me so happy to know the Spin Sucks blog post was helpful to you! Blogging is a huge time commitment, but it returns in spades. I wish you the very best of luck!


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